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The LC Zone is approximately 2.5 kilometers west of the Landing Zone along the Destor and 1.7 kilometers south-southeast of the syenite hosted Ludgate Zone (St Andrew Goldfields; 462,800t @ 5.91g/t for 88,000oz, historical non-compliant resource).

This gold mineralization occurs within the lower of two southwest dipping porphyritic syenitic intrusions in the immediate hanging wall of the Destor. The syenitic intrusives cover approximately 1,000m along strike and up to 200m in width with limited testing to a drilled depth of 500m.

Gold mineralization is associated with the upper intrusive contact and volcanics of the Destor as well as the centre of the lower syenitic porphyry. Gold occurs in quartz and quartz-carbonate-chlorite stringers within highly fractured silicified and hematitic alteration zones containing pyrite. Past drilling discovered high grade intercepts of 11.3 g/t over 3.7m, 20.6 g/t over 1.2m, 13.0 g/t over 3.1m and lower grade, bulk tonnage intercepts 1.54 g/t over 22.5m, 1.39 g/t over 27.0m, 1.43 g/t over 2.0m, and 1.15 g/t over 16.9m.
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