Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.
ProjectsWest Timmins/Denton Thorneloe
The West Timmins/Denton-Thornloe property consists of a 16 claim unit mining lease 30km southwest of Timmins in the emerging West Timmins gold area driven by Lake Shore Gold's mine development and recent discoveries by the former West Timmins Mining, recently acquired by Lake Shore Gold. The property is less than 5km to the southwest with known gold mineralization to the north and on strike to the west.

The property covers east-west trending volcanics and sediments strongly affected by Destor Porcupine Fault Zone ("Destor") deformation and cut by north-south trending diabase dykes. The only outcrop exposures on the property are andesitic volcanics and diabase in the south-central portion and greywacke sediments in the northwestern portion of the property. From diamond drilling, the eastern and northern portion of the property appears to be dominated by komatiitic flows, felsic metavolcanics, banded iron formations, and minor graphitic argillite with mafic volcanics inferred to the south. Rocks are known to be altered (chlorite, ankerite and sericite) frequently veined, brecciated and sheared. Structurally, the property is believed to be complex with rocks commonly sheared and folded. Younger faults are indicated by offsets in the magnetic trends striking north to northwesterly and assumed to be steep dipping.

Although known primarily for its two historical nickel zones discovered by Hollinger in 1958-60 and worked in 1966-67, a gold exploration strategy is being developed given its location along the Destor and documented veining, strong shearing and alteration. Several historical gold values have been reported from the Hollinger drilling that was focused on nickel mineralization. More recently in 1991-92, a Falconbridge drill hole testing a geophysical anomaly intersected a mixed quartz-carbonate vein/iron formation zone over 5.5 metres.
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